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Brain Bolt Consulting
At Brain Bolt Consulting, we are at the forefront of the AI and ML revolution, dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions that harness the immense power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Founded by a passionate team of tech visionaries, our mission is to transform businesses, industries, and everyday experiences by integrating intelligent algorithms that learn, adapt, and evolve. Every product we design and every solution we propose is anchored in our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and above all, results. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the boundaries of what’s possible and shape a smarter, more connected future.

Meet Our Team

Brain Bolt Consulting

With over 20 yrs of experience in the software and services industry, Anurag is a self-starter and technology enthusiast constantly seeking innovative ways to improve processes and solutions. His multifaceted interests demonstrate a keen eye for betterment, whether in technology or the world at large. Anurag’s blend of seasoned technical skills and compassionate advocacy make him a unique force in both his professional and personal circles.

Anurag Rohatgi


Shaurya, Sr. ML AI Architect, intellectual pursuits are in the domains of Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP). His academic odyssey includes Ph.D. from the College of Information Sciences and Technology at The Pennsylvania State University. Not just confined to academic endeavors, Shaurya played an integral role at The Intelligent IS Research Laboratory and using Generative AI for research.

Dr. Shaurya Rohatgi

Sr. ML AI Architect

Saranya, Sr. Data Scientist, is a distinguished expert in the field of AI. Holding a Ph.D. in the subject, her groundbreaking research, “Ambiguity in Semantic Integration: A Decomposition Analysis by ERP”, has become a cornerstone in cognitive neuroscience. By leveraging Event-Related Potentials (ERP), her work dives deep into the intricate layers of semantic processing, dialogue generation, LLM, dissecting how the human brain grapples with and resolves ambiguities in real-time.

Dr. Saranya Venkataraman

Sr. Data Scientist

Our Advisors

We bring a wealth of skills and experience from a wide range of backgrounds

Dr. C. Lee Giles holds the esteemed title of David Reese Professor at Penn State University’s College of Information Sciences and Technology, located in University Park, PA. With a tally of over 58,000 citations to his name, he also serves as a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and helms the Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory as its Director. Dr. Giles has had distinguished affiliations with several prestigious institutions, including Columbia and Princeton.

Dr. C. Lee Giles


Riteesh Singh, a distinguished Wharton School graduate, boasts an impressive 20-year trajectory marked by expertise in Strategy and Cross-functional team leadership. His profound understanding of strategic development, combined with his adeptness at nurturing collaboration among varied teams, distinctively places him at the forefront to steer our institution to innovative heights and momentous successes.

Riteesh Singh


Neeraj established Amalgam with a vision to offer clients software services anchored in collaboration, practicality, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Drawing upon a quarter-century of expertise spanning startups, Financial Services, and software development, he plays a pivotal role in mentoring and shaping the consultants at Amalgam. Beyond his professional pursuits, Neeraj is a passionate reader, enjoys penning down his thoughts, and relishes exploring diverse corners of the globe.

Neeraj Vir